The Atlantan EIC Lauren Finney's 5 Must-Have Summer Beauty Items

Lauren Finnney | July 10, 2019 | Style & Beauty

I remarked a few weeks ago that it “wasn’t that bad yet” as far as the heat and humidity goes, but I 100 percent take that back—we’ve hit full-throttle, swamp-style humidity. A lifetime of living in these conditions has made me pretty prepared for battle against damp, soggy weather. Here are a few of the items top of my mind right now to get us through it.


“Besides having a knock-out name, this anti-humidity spray is hairspray on steroids. The higher the hair, the closer to God; the more shellacked the hair, the closer to heaven.” R+Co Moon Landing anti-humidity spray, $32, available at Melrose & Mcqueen


“Because I’m photosensitive thanks to my autoimmune disease, sunscreen is super important. I’ve found SkinCeuticals to be really gentle yet effective.” SkinCeuticals UV defense broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen, $34, available at Artisan Plastic Surgery


“Virtue’s products—made from Alpha Keratin 60u, a pure human protein—use science to do all sorts of impressive things. This leave-in conditioner helps put your hair back together to make it smooth, shiny and soft. It’s also all the things: color-safe, paraben-free, gluten-free and vegan.” Virtue Un-Frizz cream, $40, available at Sirène


“The older I get, the more mindful I need to be of what’s in my products. I’m super, super dry, even in summertime, so this gentle Retinol cream can help make me look youthful without drying me out.” A-Passioni Retinol Cream, $74, available at Sephora,


“The Mac Daddy of all summertime products is this face spray. At first I thought it was pointless, but it really does soften, smooth and soothe the skin, whether you’re just in need of a refresh or had a bad day in the sun.” Avène Eau Thermal Spring Water, $18, available at The Cosmetics Store


Photography by: the brands