How Forever Feels

By Caroline Bentley Edwards By Caroline Bentley Edwards | December 21, 2023 | Sponsored Post, Wedding Features,

Here’s a glimpse into the soon-to-be Carlos’ love story.


Photo Courtesy Of Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal Photography

When Sabrina Weinstein met Chris Carlos, it was unequivocally fate. Though admittedly, it wasn’t a rom-com meet-cute, both agreed it felt like God’s plan; they were put in each other’s lives at the perfect moment. The two first met in passing at a gala in Atlanta, where Sabrina made quite an impression on the Atlanta philanthropist and entrepreneur. Years later, Chris reached out to her on Instagram, asking her on a date. Sabrina was smitten with both the boldness and simplicity of it all. “Something felt right, so I agreed, and that was the start of forever for us,” remembers Sabrina.

The pair initially had a reservation for a restaurant, but upon arrival, found there was a “sport-coat required” dress code. “Anyone who knows Chris Carlos knows that he is always in jeans and a T-shirt, except for galas or work,” laughs Sabrina. So together, they rerouted their plans and ended up in a quiet, intimate booth at Pricci. “On our first date, I could tell Sabrina would be my future. There is so much to list because she has so many amazing qualities. I could see her pureness, kindness, sweetness, and love,” says Chris. After dinner, Chris called Sabrina and left a voicemail about how excited he was to see them grow together. Sabrina still has that voicemail saved. “What I saw in Chris was nothing like I had seen before in a man, ever. He has so much charisma and passion about what and who he loves, and I am so drawn to that, and still am,” says Sabrina. “On our first date, instead of talking about himself, he spoke of his love for his children, and I could see how big his heart was.”


Photo By Darryn Smith

After a year and a half of courtship, the two got engaged on a private boat in Paris, right in front of the Eiffel Tower. While Paris is amazing, Sabrina swears they can create memories almost anywhere. “That’s what’s amazing about getting to marry your best friend. Every moment is a memory made for life!” The pair set a date for early March 2024 at the iconic St. Regis Atlanta. As for bridal style, Sabrina has curated a wardrobe of romantic fabrics and modern silhouettes, matching the elevated, clean and luxurious palette of her wedding. Above all, the bride maintains, the day should be about love, family and becoming one. “I am most excited to be Chris’s wife and be the official stepmum to his son, Michael, whom I love very, very much,” says Sabrina. Although they haven’t decided on the honeymoon just yet, as they say, “every single day of their lives is a honeymoon,” they will continue to travel between sunny Miami and seasonal Atlanta.


Photo By Darryn Smith

Photography by: Beach Photo Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal Photography 
Sabrina Individual Photo by Darryn Smith 
Sabrina + Chris Carlos Photo by Darryn Smith