5 Must-Have Jewelry Books To Make Your Library Shine

Nilam Mukherjee | March 30, 2021 | Style & Beauty culture

Emerald Necklace

Step into the glamorous world of gemstones, pearls and diamonds without ever leaving the couch.

History shows us that accessories are a thing of the past, present and future, and with a beautifully-illustrated book, you can explore the greatest jewels of the ages. Explore centuries of glamour spanning global cultures through beautifully-detailed imagery, from ancient empires to modern creations.

These five books are all great additions to broaden your fashion library, whether you're a style maven or an anthropology buff. From the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the vaults of Cartier, these books bring the world's best jewels to your home in stunning pictures and illustrations.

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7000 Years of Jewelry

From the ancient Egyptians to the rebirth of Greco-Roman culture, this book explores the chronology of jewelry making and accessorizing. Take a looks at major adornments throughout Europe and Asia in a series of close-up images and illustrations of ancient jewels. It's like your own personal museum display. Worn by royalty from lost kingdoms to old empires, follow the 256 pages of elegance and be inspired.

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Tiffany Jewels

The imagery featured in this jaw-dropping book lives up to Tiffany & Co.'s reputation. One of the most popular American sources of jewelry and luxury items, Tiffany & Co. creates timeless and exquisite pieces of art. Featuring photographs from great designers such as Edward C. Moore, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso, this 160-page book stuns from cover to cover.

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Vogue The Jewelry

Lined with a mixture of brightly colored and black-and-white photographs, Vogue's portfolio of costume jewelry featured in British Vogue for over a century is visual bliss. Encapsulating many different eras of fashion, the 304-page book presents a unique and intricate look into the essential relationship between fashion and jewelry.

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Coveted: Art and Innovation in High Jewelry

This picture-rich book follows the collections of some of the most exquisite jewelers of our time. Featuring never-before-seen profiles of designers, the photographs are accompanied by a breakdown of the artist's approach in composing each creation. Inside these 208 pages lie some of the most innovative creations of contemporary jewelry design.

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The Cartier Collection: Jewelry

Sift through 720 pages of illustrative history, soaking up the renowned French jewelry and luxury goods company, Cartier. Featuring lavish images and documentation, the two-volume book follows the Cartier Collections in chronological order, showcasing more than 3,000 pieces from the 1860s. to today. It's the closest you'll get to perusing Cartier's vast archives of extraordinary pieces.

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Photography by: Engin Akyurt/Unsplash