Roswell's Dr. Arlene Dijamco on Increasing Your Health

The Editors | April 24, 2019 | People

Roswell-based Dr. Arlene Dijamco marries her medical degree with powerful alternative healing. A graduate of Harvard University, Emory University and mentee of Dr. Andrew Weil, she even recently helped Parkland High School survivors release trauma.


Can you explain integrative medicine?
With integrative medicine, I’m not committed to any one modality of healing; my loyalty is to the patient. I can choose the best of all worlds of medicine, including nutritional, herbal, energetic, osteopathic.

What’s your take on the mind-body connection?
The mind is an amazing tool; it can run the body down or lift it up. If you consider that, you might start using your thoughts in ways that are more helpful.

One thing you’d change about traditional medicine if you could?
I’d add a transformational component to help people see and feel deep meaning in their everyday lives.

Thoughts on supplements?
They can be superhelpful for nourishing and supporting the body, but, alone, they are not enough for deep, long-lasting healing of a chronic illness.

What’s something we can all do to increase our health?
Breathe. [The breath] connects and integrates the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Health is in the flow of breath.

Shot on location at Vickery Creek Falls Roswell Mill


Photography by: Patrick Heagney