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by Ilana Alberico by Ilana Alberico | August 2, 2021 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


Gone are the days where you're spending time explaining to your therapist what you want and need, and hello to the days where you choose your complete experience way before you enter the treatment room. Spa Space powers personalization through technology, delivering a spa visit that is custom-tailored just for you.

Personalize Your Wellness Experience

When you open the Spa Space app, you will be able to search for a partnering facility within our vast network of luxurious spas. Select your spa, and schedule your appointment. Now, you will be able to tailor your spa experience like never before. From your areas of focus to the gender of your therapist, you can customize every part of your spa experience. If you're looking to make it a full spa day, you will be able to select facility amenities and other spa services at this time.


Top-Tier Wellness

Once you've customized your spa experience, a range of certified wellness providers will appear who specialize in your specific needs and preferences. Based on the highly rated reviews for each of our providers, you will be able to select the one who is perfect for you.


Book Your Appointment

After you've tailored your experience, chosen your provider, and selected any additional add-ons, it's time to pay and book. Once you've confirmed booking, your chosen provider will receive confirmation of the appointment and will meet you at the spa on the day and time confirmed.

Spa Space focuses on making your treatments as personalized and restorative as you like. We have developed a technology that unlocks access to luxury resort spas and matches your needs to our expert therapists, based on their certifications, ratings, and years of experience. Now you can have a completely personalized wellness experience using world-class products, in a safe and beautiful environment, with the highly-skilled therapist of your choosing.

Experience the next level of spa customization for yourself; book now.


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