Dress Boldly & Your Golf Game Will Follow

By Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) By Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) | June 21, 2022 | Style & Beauty, Feature, Sponsored Post,


In the midst of a golf renaissance, golf fashion has evolved from restrictive frocks to pieces that can take one effortlessly throughout their day, on and off the course.

Women have conventionally worn restrictive everyday clothes on the course but in the 1920’s – influenced by the looser dresses of the time – golf dresses were born. The golf dress has morphed into an expression of the game’s heritage, as well as a sophisticated, athletic apparel piece designed for performance.


PXG Apparel’s golf dresses are on trend with today’s edgy 90’s athletic inspired styles that are comprised of performance fabrics and features that allow ease of movement to help further your game. Designed with a futuristic edge, each detail thinks for you, bringing versatility and ease to everyday life. From performance snaps to detachable hoods, and carefully crafted pockets, each unexpected feature is intentional, boosting the aesthetic and ease of wear.

PXG Apparel was established in 2018 by Renee Parsons, the President and Executive Creative Director, whose goal is redefining sport fashion and the way one looks and feels when they golf: “As the PXG Apparel line evolves, our cutting edge designs develop in tandem. This season is geared towards our future, with modern styles that will captivate golfers and fashion enthusiasts alike," says Parsons.


As every collection evolves, PXG Apparel’s commitment to sustainability remains a top priority. This season, more than half of the collection is sustainably sourced and produced: fabrics made from recycled products, produced in green facilities, including mills and factories, and the inclusion of environmentally friendly and socially responsible trims, are used throughout the line.

So can a golf dress really make us better players? Renee Parsons would argue that when you feel confident, you will indeed play better and have fun while doing it.


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