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Too often, the difficulty of travel plans lies in the actual traveling part—being stuck in an airport with nothing to do. At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, we’re committed to changing that.

While thousands of people pass through ATL each day, many of those travelers never leave the airport. As Atlantans, we believe it’s our duty to give them a taste of Southern culture and hospitality—all before they hop on a plane.


Michael Kors is just one of the many luxury brands at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

That’s why in the Atlanta Airport you’ll find an award-winning collection of shops and restaurants—known collectively as ATL Skypointe—that offer quality service, retail, and dining options.

With more than 300 options to choose from, ATL Skypointe caters to the wide variety of travelers who pass through the airport.

The shopping options rival many high-end malls. If you’re feeling luxurious, you can step into designer boutiques like Michael Kors and Ferragamo, or you can accessorize an outfit with shades from Sunglass Icon. If you’re heading to the sun, your skin will thank you after you stop by The Body Shop or Kiehl’s. And Brookstone offers plenty of gadgets to make your trip even more entertaining.

When you’ve worked up an appetite shopping, or if you know the in-flight snacks won’t quite cut it, ATL has over 150 eateries to satisfy the appetite of even the most discerning traveler. Along with favorites like Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, and Auntie Anne’s around the airport, ATL Skypointe also has unique dining options that are worth a flight just to visit. Paschal’s Southern Cuisine brings you the essence of a classic home-cooked meal, and Jekyll Island Seafood Company offers a best-of-both-worlds cultural mashup of crawfish tacos and other delectable entrees. Cafes are a great option if you’re on the move, but if you have time to spare, you can reserve a table at One Flew South. It was recently named the fifth best airport eatery in USA Today's 10 Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards. You’ll also find a selection of bars to unwind in while cradling your cocktail of choice.


ATL Skypointe offers a plethora of dining options.

A glass of wine isn’t the only way to relax when on the go. ATL Skypointe features services by the dozen. Develop a nagging ache from a long flight? Experiencing a bout of nerves before hopping on a plane? Need an emergency manicure before the perfect vacation? There are XpresSpas on three concourses, so you can find a place of peace during a busy day.

Traveling can span the spectrum from the amazing to the also ran. Hartsfield-Jackson takes pride in serving its guests and delivering an experience you can’t find anywhere else. So the next time you find yourself here, shop, dine and explore at the destination before your destination.

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