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by Ilana Alberico by Ilana Alberico | August 9, 2021 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

What happens when you take 20 years of industry experience, a disconnected marketplace, and the desire to empower wellbeing? Spa Space.


Spa Space was built to optimize operations and improve experiences for the three-sided marketplace of wellness. The spa industry has been notorious for being behind on adopting new technologies and our founder, Ilana, knew it was ripe for disruption. With the help of her business partner, Christina Stratton, and cofounder Nathalie Malkoff, they started developing Spa Space in 2019. As a former massage therapist, Ilana saw that the industry’s best wellness providers were often skeptical of working in spas due to the long onboarding and lack of menu diversity. Spa Space would unlock access to the most beautiful places for the world’s best specialists, while at the same time filling underutilized treatment rooms and allowing guests to book based on needs and preferences, not on a static menu of services.

COVID-19 arrived. And it was ruthless to the spa industry. The Coronavirus had shut down the spa industry overnight. Ilana and Christina had the heartbreaking task of temporarily closing all of their spa locations. Hundreds of therapists and staff were laid off or furloughed. More than ever, they were committed to launching the technology that would bring their people back to work and the spa industry back online.

With the world shut down, the whole team went all-in on Spa Space. The pandemic prompted a pivot. Spa Space’s development team was doubled, then tripled, to prepare for the reopening of the industry.

As we opened our doors again, our team took the opportunity to transform operations and provide a safe, new way to the spa. We launched Spa Space not only as a solution for spa facilities, and providers, but most importantly as a platform for our guests. Finally, there is an easy-to-use technology that puts needs and preferences first. You can book a provider based on their specialties and expertise at the beautiful spas of your choice.

Welcome to your Spa Space. Spa Space is a tool that will match guests’ needs with specialized therapists at locations on our network. It will allow more spas to open with fewer challenges, and still provide high-quality service. Spa Space is a platform for therapists to get back to work, where they want and when they want.

Photography by: Spa Space