Power Player in Medicine: Erin M. Dunbar, MD

| June 10, 2021 | People, Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


Dr. Erin M. Dunbar, Co-Founder of Piedmont Brain Tumor Center and the Director of Neuro-Oncology at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, considers herself privileged to help patients and their families live their best lives after receiving a tumor diagnosis, striving to create a ‘medical home for life.’ At a young age, her parents instilled her with a passion for medicine, as her father was a hospital pharmacist and her mother—a science and math teacher.

Currently seeing patients at physical locations or through virtual interfaces, Dr. Dunbar shares, “we are privileged to deliver multidisciplinary care in specialty clinics, telehealth visits, clinical trials, cutting-edge treatments, tumor boards and hospital rounds.” She explains that her team’s care “is fueled by a large selection of international and national collaborations, including with MD Anderson Cancer Center, the National Cancer Institute and Professional Societies, which deliver state-of-the-art care to patients—close to their home!”

Additionally, she, along with her Neurosurgical Oncology partners Dr. D. Jay McCracken and Dr. Tyler Kenning, dedicates the Center to providing a full portfolio of services to patients effected by primary and metastatic tumors of the brain and skull-base. This includes surgery and radiosurgery techniques that optimize tumor removal while simultaneously preserving function, with technologies such as intra-operative neuro-navigation and imaging, Gleolan intra-tumoral florescence, BrainLab stereotactic radiosurgery, GammaTile brachytherapy and others. The personalized treatment plan incorporates a comprehensive path analysis, cutting-edge clinical trials, highly-conformal radiation technologies, Optune Tumor Treating Fields wearable device and copious services and resources for patients and families. Says Dunbar, “we are humbled to know amazing patients, families and medical teammates and grateful to get the word out so that we can know even more.” Collectively, these achievements and dedication contributed to former Governor Nathan Deal repeatedly proclaiming the Piedmont Brain Tumor Center as one of the three most renowned brain tumor centers in Georgia.

For more information on the Piedmont Brain Tumor Center, please visit piedmont.org/cancer/brain/brain-tumor-home

Photography by: Jonathan and Kaye