Hope in Hospice

by Majestic Hospice by Majestic Hospice | July 26, 2021 | People, Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


The ever-changing realm of healthcare can be difficult to navigate, especially when in search of a hospice facility for a loved one. CEO Katurah Cody and CFO Shaunda Joseph of Majestic Hospice understand this process intimately having both experienced their loved ones transition into hospice before passing. The two nurse practitioners joined forces to establish Majestic Hospice in Atlanta with the mission to provide “quality care for every patient, every time.”

With over 20 years of combined nursing experience, Katurah and Shaunda understand hospice to be a philosophy of care. Majestic Hospice provides clinical, hands-on expertise for their patients whilst creating a compassionate, thriving environment to enhance one’s quality of life. Katurah and Shaunda understand the multi-faceted health concerns patients face as the co-founders have extensive experience in serving within the cardiothoracic surgery, coronary care, and neuroscience fields. Committed to reshaping the mindsets regarding the end of life, Majestic Hospice offers a team of attentive, certified healthcare professionals who preserve every individual’s rights to comfort whether one is managing a chronic illness or an advanced stage disease. Their interdisciplinary hospice team is composed of physicians, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains, and more readily available to support patients and their families’ needs.

Beyond hospice care, Majestic Hospice continues to expand as they will soon offer palliative care, home hospice, and transportation services for patients in Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties. Majestic Hospice is currently accepting Charity patients.

To learn more, call 1-800-HOSPICE or visit majestichospice.com.


Photography by: Majestic Hospice