Presented by Cutting Edge Firewood: 4 Keys to a Luxurious Fireside Experience

Cutting Edge Firewood Cutting Edge Firewood | November 14, 2019 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

As the weather cools down and the holidays approach, more and more people are enjoying time by the fire. For thousands of years, the fireplace was the central gathering place in the home. From the halls of kings to cabins on the frontier, fires were the perfect place to share stories and stay warm.

We believe the same is true today. Not only does spending time around the fire connect us to our past, it also better connects us with the people in our present.

Great fires require great firewood - You don’t want your friends or family to gather around a fire that smokes too much or simply won’t light. Here are four keys to choosing firewood that will consistently deliver a luxurious experience.

Ensure the firewood is dry

The dryer the firewood, the better the experience. Dry firewood is easier to light, burns brighter and hotter, and creates less creosote in your chimney. Green (or freshly cut) firewood contains 50% moisture, properly seasoned firewood has about 20% moisture, and kiln dried firewood can be as low as 5% moisture. Burning kiln dried firewood creates the best experience and is safest for your chimney.


Ensure the firewood is clean

One of the biggest problems with seasoned firewood is that it is never clean. It sits outside for more than a year and decays from bugs and mold. Kiln dried firewood, on the other hand, gets quickly dried in an oven after being cut fresh. It has no bugs, no mold, no fungus, and has not been sitting in the dirt. You can feel good about both storing and burning it in your home.


Ensure the firewood has a pleasant aroma

Nothing triggers great memories like a wonderful aroma. If you’ve ever started a fire that had a musty smell, you were burning wet or moldy wood. Kiln dried firewood, however, has a fresh, pleasant aroma. It creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your home, giving everyone space to make new memories. Different types of wood create different aromas, so try out different varieties to find which one you enjoy the most.


Ensure the firewood is a hardwood

Have you ever noticed that some firewood pieces seem to burn faster than paper? If you burn a softwood like pine or cedar, then it is always going to burn quickly. You don’t want to throw new logs on the fire every five minutes, so make sure you’re choosing hardwoods like hickory, oak, or cherry.


The best firewood available

Cutting Edge Firewood has spent years perfecting their firewood, working to deliver unmatched products and unparalleled service. Their ultra kiln dried firewood goes through a rigorous drying process that is twelve times longer than the FDA standards.

Stay warm this holiday season with the best firewood available. Cutting Edge Firewood offers a complimentary, white glove delivery service throughout the Atlanta area. They deliver and stack the firewood in your home - no mess and no stress. Order today at the Cutting Edge Firewood website.

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