Navigate Transitional Times With Majestic Hospice

Abby Dupes Abby Dupes | April 9, 2021 | Sponsored Post

As healthcare professionals and family members who have felt the grief of losing a loved one, Katurah Cody and Shaunda Joseph know what vital services are needed in hospice care. “In 2017, we both lost loved ones that transitioned while in-home hospice,” says the pair. “While we both had great experiences with hospice, we knew that as intensive care unit nurse practitioners that we could indeed make a significant change. We then sought out the change hospice needs and deserves.”


Through this mutual experience and passion, Majestic Hospice was built. The duo began their mission of informing and educating potential patients, families and members of the community on the benefits of hospice. “We want hospice to be utilized in a way that allows patients and families to understand that our goal is not to hasten death, but to prepare properly for transition,” they say. “We want to help take away fear and impart bravery and strength.”

The seasoned interdisciplinary team serving the Metro Atlanta area offers care options ranging from pain management, spiritual guidance, bereavement counseling and assistance with tasks like letter writing, reading, journaling and shopping. Health expertise is prevalent in every step of care, with physicians, registered nurses and nurse aides available for medical facilitation and support. Cody and Joseph both note: “The best part of our jobs is knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of patients and their families, to know that we were a huge factor in a patient’s transition.”

Providing quality care for every patient, every time, Majestic Hospice has set the precedence for transitional aide. With over 20 years of clinical experience, personal ties to hospice and an abundance of empathy, Majestic Hospice is the right choice for your family.

If hospice eligible, clients can get the most of the services Majestic Hospice offers by dialing 1-800-HOSPICE and speaking closely with their hospice administrator about the options available to them. majestichospice.com



Photography by: Courtesy of Majestic Hospice