Tyler Perry Pays It Forward With COVID-19 Relief

BY The Editors | June 8, 2020 | People National

TylerPerry997404038202.jpgMedia giant Tyler Perry has certainly shown his devotion to his community during the COVID-19 crisis, finding ways to support local and give back to those in need. At the start of April, Atlanta-based Perry donated $21,000 to 42 out-of-work servers at Houston’s restaurant—a favorite of Perry’s—which equates to $500 for each employee.

A few weeks later, the philanthropist anonymously picked up the tabs at 44 Atlanta-area Krogers during the store’s designated shopping hour for seniors and at-risk patrons. The receipts were marked “Atlanta Angel,” leaving shoppers guessing who could be behind the checkout surprise. Word quickly spread that the person behind the feel-good action was Perry, who followed up with the same deed for 29 Winn-Dixies in his hometown of New Orleans. These actions sparked even more giving, with Kroger’s Atlanta division announcing a few days later that it had matched his donation.

Perry’s generosity has encouraged people to follow his lead, with anonymous donors picking up tabs at local stores and restaurants across the country. The expression “pay it forward” has an even more impactful meaning during these unprecedented times.

A spotlight from our “Heroes of Hope” feature in The Hope Issue

Photography Courtesy Of: Courtesy of Tyler Perry