etúHOME opens at Shops Around Lenox

BY | December 22, 2019 | Parties

October 24, 2019

An intimate gathering of guests previewed the brand new Atlanta flagship for etúHOME. Guests shopped etúHOME's collection of European-inspired kitchen essentials and elevated entertaining staples, just in time for the holiday gifting season. They also sipped prosecco and noshed on picture perfect cheese and charcuterie boards, courtesy of etúHOME. etúHOME was founded on the belief that the everyday can be elevated and entertaining can be beautfiul. While a quintessential European lifestyle drives the brand's inspiration, the heartbeat is the sourcing process. Transforming utilitarian objects into treasured kicthen accents is etúHOME's specialty, but it's a commitment to creating sustainably responsible products that sets the brand apart. Handmade by local artisans in Europe, etúHOMES believes that the quality and craftsmanship of how products are made are equally important as how they look. All pieces are timeless and meant to be enjoyed and passed down from one generation to the next.

Photography Courtesy Of: RaShun, FocusMinded Photo