Meet the Local Artist Whose Shaking Things up with His Pixel-Inspired Portraits

BY Angelina Lewis | February 8, 2018 | Lifestyle

Look no further than local artist Charlie Hanavich’s pixel-inspired portraits of famed faces for your next artful acquisition.


Hanavich’s striking “Muhammad Ali” (2017, acrylic on canvas), 40 inches by 40 inches.

It was love at the first sight of Picasso’s “Girl Before a Mirror” in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art for Atlanta-based and self-taught artist Charlie Hanavich. “From there, I purchased a large canvas and started painting. I was officially hooked,” says Hanavich, whose art now commands wall space internationally, from private homes to commercial buildings. Inspired by the everchanging world around him, the painter’s portfolio is full of familiar faces—Gigi Hadid, Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama and Anna Wintour, to name a few. “Most icons have a unique story of finding success in their 15 minutes of fame,” says the artist, who paints the profiles of national icons on canvases in a pixel-like manner. “Uncovering the underlying story of each and how they overcame adversity in life is motivating for me. I take lessons learned and put them into practice in my own life.”

$2,500-$12,000, Spalding Nix Fine Art, 425 Peachtree Hills Ave., Ste. 30-A;

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